The Beauty of Time: Yuletide

The wave of Christmas season is sweeping across the country. Do you feel it? Soon enough we will buy roosters, dine on poultry meat and welcome the dawn of a New Year. But before then, since we have time before 25th, let's do a little history. Long ago, in the distant land of Germany, Christmas... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Time: Freedom

Some people call freedom an illusion. Others call it the one thing that determines everything. But everyone agrees it is desirable. Desire runs the world. Some people call it emotion. So we say emotions runs the world. That way, we can portray people as less needy or desirous. Emotions brings things into motion. It depends... Continue Reading →

The Beauty Of Time: Making Progress.

Can you believe it has been two months already? Time is a concept I love: ever moving, ever changing, ever progressing. Progress is one of my most favorite words in English language. I guess it's the reason I love time so much - what else is more progressive? Time is life. Its abundance wraps us... Continue Reading →

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