At last. He Comes Out

It's hard to believe that people are asking: Is Denrele really Gay? If you are still asking, read this. I admire Denrele. (Not in an I-wish-I-were-you kinda way). Its more like a sympasized affection toward someone who suffers (on a grand scale) what I suffer. The affection remained stiff due to his constant denial of what... Continue Reading →

Why I am a Virgin.

Last week,  I received a call from my brother. During our conversation, he asked me: how come you don't you have a boyfriend? I found this very moving. Two years ago, I had considered it impossible for any of my siblings to ask me that question. Yet, here I stood, phone in my hand with... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Time; Have a Gay New Month.

Once upon a time,  gay meant happy. People freely declared their gayness and the world smiled at them. Today,  in some parts of the world,  people can't utter this word without being labelled sinner, wrong or disgusting. Isn't it peculiar how time changes things? Yet, people still remain largely the same. Not long ago,  it... Continue Reading →

Nigeria’s Hottest Men

Whenever I become sexually excited, I love to visit "manly sites" for gay people. Sometimes, i google "hottest men in Nigeria". But, the results are never good enough. So, I decided to compile my list. A list of 7 hot male Nigerian celebrities.  Men that make me feel all tingly inside and send blood rushing... Continue Reading →

Words For Chimamanda Adichie

I adore Chimamanda Adichie. I love that she exists. I am mesmerized by her success. As a human being, she defines the status I fancy occupying. It was heart breaking to hear that she was depressed. Sometimes, I imagine people of a certain success don't suffer ailments designed for other mortals. Then, I remind myself that... Continue Reading →

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