Kisses In The Moonlight.

KIM-1 The last time someone called Peter to "show him something", the person had showed him something he wasn't interested in seeing: a recent SMS debit alert. The person went on to narrate about his "broke ass status" before asking for money - "any amount" Peter had to offer. As Peter buttoned his BlackBerry to... Continue Reading →

Kisses In The Moonlight

Modupe had never seen it so big; she stared in disbelief. As she stroke it with her thumb and index finger, It pulled away from her in rigid defiance. She stood and made for the door; she would not let such a thing enter into her. She reached for the door knob and turned back... Continue Reading →

She Lost Him

Yetunde gave birth to a healthy boy. Even though she prayed this birth would bring a girl to add to the 3 boys she had, she was grateful she made it through another delivery. At 3 years old, he was like her other sons who were now 5, 7 and 9. Just that, he was... Continue Reading →

Unquenchable Love

Yesterday, my younger sister told me about her unquenchable love for men. As she gushed about it, my mind flashed back to when we were children. We held hands and sang whenever we walked in the dark - we were scared of the dark. ¬†Our innocence - pure, ¬†shining, and unassuming. Yet, here she was,... Continue Reading →

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