The Beauty of Time: A Remedy For Regrets

One of life’s deepest truths is that it keeps moving. When we look at human experiences we see an interesting feature: the ease in which we get caught up by the movement. It’s much like a reflection of what Epicurus, great Greek philosopher, described as people spoiling what they have by desiring what they do… Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Time: Anniversary

GlowRite is one today – I have been publishing my (gay) thoughts for one year. The experience has had its soars and lows. But in all have learnt a few things. So for this entry I will celebrate a few dark ideas that might inspire you to initiate the writing of a public diary.

The Beauty of Time: Yuletide

The wave of Christmas season is sweeping across the country. Do you feel it? Soon enough we will buy roosters, dine on poultry meat and welcome the dawn of a New Year. But before then, since we have time before 25th, let’s do a little history.

The Beauty of Time: Freedom

Some people call freedom an illusion. Others call it the one thing that determines everything. But everyone agrees it is desirable. Desire runs the world. Some people call it emotion. So we say emotions runs the world. That way, we can portray people as less needy or desirous. Emotions brings things into motion. It depends… Continue Reading →

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