How To Be A Power Bottom

You might be one who has never taken anything up your ass, or it might be that you are a certified veteran in the art of collecting preek. Either way, let’s discuss the activity which when done with particular skill earns you the title: Power Bottom. 


In case you are unaware, the word Bottom is used among homosexual men to refer to men who receive preek during a course of anal sex. But we can be a bit more imaginative in the way we define what it means to be a bottom, so as to cover as wide a scope as that presented by reality.

We can say a bottom is a male person who (in desire, in thought, or in deed) derives pleasure from receiving into his anus the hardness of a human penis. This is a better definition because there are men who have never, in physical terms, received preek but confess to having desires of being penetrated. You are a bottom if you are a man who desires and/or participates in getting your anus penetrated with the penis of another man.

You might feel uncomfortable with the label, even uninterested. It’s ok to be uninterested in the label. Lots of us find the top-bottom dichotomy particularly stifling. It’s quite untrue that we have to be top or bottom to live as gay persons. In truth, being gay precedes coming to identify with the labels used within the community. So if you find yourself uncomfortable with using the label, you can without entertaining restrain or guilt place it in the trash bin of your mind.

Being a Power Bottom


Now here is something never said about being a power bottom: It has nothing to do with whether you call yourself a power bottom. The secret to being a power bottom rests in the pleasure you derive from receiving a man’s sexy-piece through your butt.

Honesty is key here.

Do you like receiving preek?… Don’t lie. It’s just you and me.

Is there a feeling that comes over you to offer your backside to a man who resides within the heart of your amorous interest? If yes, being a power bottom begins with owning this desire.

A power bottom exists in an honest space marked by complete recognition of his love for receiving an aroused man’s penis. It is from a place of honesty that the techniques of handling a top’s penis manifests as bottoming prowess.

While it’s true that desire for preek in your ass is the starting place of being a power bottom, technique is important in its role of enabling you blissfully manifest your desires. Enthusiasm and excitement from being presented with a romantic interest’s sexy piece can only take a bottom so far in sexual attempts of giving and receiving pleasure during the course of an anal sex encounter.

Of all the things most useful in technique, non shines with more importance in the sex tool box of a bottom than lube.

This is far from being a secret among bottoms yet it’s possible to find bottoms who lament about the agony of an anal sex encounter, because they had not lubed properly. Some use lubricants like lotion, water and spit (and go on to wonder why they end up in pain). Don’t be like these mediocre bottoms. You are a power bottom. And the first thing on your tool kit is lube. Get yourself some and when u have none, never use lotion, water or spit. (At points of desperation, vegetable oil can suffice.)


You find bottoms who disregard the lube-rule among inexperienced ones. So if you are without experience in the art of collecting preek, you need to gather experience.

The best way to do so is through practice.

Of course, you can practice the act of bottoming. It’s one of the reasons we have sex toys and sex fruits. It might be useful to stick with the fruits, especially when you are just beginning. Bananas and plantains are the perfect cock improvisation tools. Learn to use them. Get a piece of plantain or banana. Dab a generous amount of lube (like vegetable oil). Insert with care into your butt. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn during practice. Whatever you learn during your practice can be used during the real thing. What hurts during practice will hurt more during the real thing. What gives pleasure during practice will give you pleasure during the real thing.

That’s about it. Being a power bottom begins at the joint interaction between desiring a man’s sexy piece up your butt and owning the desire. You get better at manifesting the desire through a respect of the role lubes and practices play in bottoming techniques. Now you know. Go on into the world and be a power bottom.

You are Awesome.

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