Into The Light

Paul felt at home wherever he went but he knew he was home in Chima’s house. 

The chandelier in the sitting room of Chima’s house was held by a line so thin, the chandelier seemed to float in air. Chima sat in a three seater couch with a gamepad in his hands. The marble glistened and Paul knew that the boy who stood by the door ushering him in had cleaned it. Chima turned towards the door and looked back at the flat screen on the wall. He mumbled something. Even though Paul heard him, he asked what did you say? The sound of a cheering crowd ceased and Chima walked up to Paul and handed him a gamepad. Paul did not want to play FIFA 18, did not understand why guys made a point to play FIFA anything. But he took the pad from Chima and sat by him. A swallowing sound came from the TV and the lights that shone from the chandelier dimmed into darkness and Chima shouted, “John! Go and turn on the gen.” Paul felt relief. He thought of ways to get rid of the pad in his hand. He wanted to be cuddled. He wished Chima would take him. Light lit from the chandelier, so slowly.

“Are you not playing?” Chima said.

“No.” said Paul, looking away from the lights.

“So what do you want to do?”

“Kiss you” came across Paul’s mind but he said “Nothing.”

“Let me get you something to drink.”

Paul watched him rise from the couch and in his mind he reached out to touch the round butt-cheeks moving away in black boxers. He thought to leave. But he walked to the TV remote on a stool and lifted it.

“Here you go.” said Chima.

Paul turned to see Chima bent over and standing a glass on a tray. He looked away to the TV. “Thank you.” he said. “Do you have recent movies?”

“Press Box office on the remote.”said Chima. “I rented two yesterday. Though I can’t remember their names.”

“OMG!” Paul squealed. “You have Life. That’s the one I’m seeing.”

“I think it’s one of the ones I rented yesterday. I have not seen it.”


After Paul began the movie there was a silence. Then he settled into the three seater couch next to Chima. If he stretched out his arm, he would be unable to touch Chima. The lights from the chandelier left a glare on the TV screen and Chima walked up to turn it off when Paul asked for “complete darkness”. He pulled his white singlet off his trunk as he returned to sit. Paul wondered how many hours of gym time he would need to end up with such body. Chima got up and left the room. He returned to see Paul standing.

“Why are you standing?” he said.

“This movie is horror.” said Paul.

“Do you want to change it?”

“No” said Paul. His palms covered his mouth. “Jesus! That thing just killed that man.”

“Is this how you behave when you watch film?” said Chima.

“I don’t know how you people are able to be relaxed” said Paul. His eyes was on the screen. “I get jumpy. That thing just killed that man.”‎

Chima walked towards the couch.

“Don’t go far”. said Paul. He walked to the couch and stood by Chima.

“Guy, sit down.” said Chima.

Paul sat on the couch, so close to Chima their thighs touched. Chima shifted but their thighs still touched. Paul stood to his feet as the alien-creature in the screen unwrapped itself from a man’s leg. He sat back down and his hand rested on Chima’s thigh.

“Do you want me to hold you?” said Chima. “Come.” He picked Paul’s hand from his thigh and led him to sit in between his legs. “I want to enjoy the movie, and I can’t do that with you jumping up and down.” he whispered in Paul’s ear.

Paul sunk into the arms that wrapped him and the chest that held him and the legs that crossed him. The alien creature in the screen bumped it’s head onto a glass coffin that held a man, and Paul looked away sinking his face into Chima’s chest. “Has it killed him?” he said. Chima said nothing. Paul looked back at the screen to see the creature swimming away.

“Don’t move too much.” Chima whispered. “Remember you are on my balls.”

Paul shifted his bum inwards. “Is this how you hold your girlfriends when you see a film?”

“None of my girlfriends jump like you.”

“I want to be your girlfriend.”

“You are not a girl.”

“You know what I mean.”


Paul felt Chima’s hold tighten. He also felt a relaxation grow in the hold, as though the muscles that joined his had softened. His mind was no longer on the screen even though the alien creature was pursuing a man. It was on Chima’s breath. He used it as an anchor to pace his own breath and the pacing brought with it a sweet calm. Everything disappeared, but Chima’s breath. He was home, where he was meant to be.


This post comes courtesy of Valentine’s Day. Let Love Lead. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

I Love You.

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