Is The Discovery of The Gay Gene Important?

Some refreshing news came today. Same sex attraction is caused by tiny units of DNA. The code material of life is called DNA. The same way binary code 0-1 serves as data for informing the instruction of computers, ‎DNA code A-C-T-G serves as data for informing the instruction of living things. Think of DNA that comprises the A-C-T-G code as the instructor of life. The texture of your hair, the colour of your eyes and the complexion of your skin are a result of a unique combination of the tiny units of DNA.‎ And now it has been (re)discovered that the reason men can be attracted to other men in ways that transcend ‘brotherly love’ is because of a unique combination present in this instructor of life.

This is big news. 

It means we can do away with one idea about the origins of homosexuality: that having amorous same sex attraction is a plot of Satan.

Satan Glowrite

As ridiculous as it may seem, the idea of the devil being the source of all things homosexual holds power – despite all we like to tell ourselves about advances in the modern world. The bishop in Ghana who voiced for the unity of Ghanaian churches in a stance against homosexuality is propelled by this idea. The friend who voiced concern about the importance of doing away with “homosexual ways” so as to avoid the flames of hell-fire is propelled by this idea. The (gay) man who voiced concern about the need for feminine men to tone down their femininity is propelled by this idea. Its refreshing to think that a line of knowledge has been added to our collective understanding of life so as to do away with baseless ideas, though it will take a while before society (lets go of a believe in Satan and) comes to term with the reality the knowledge reveals.

Look at United States of America, even after what feels like eternity, there are still issues arising because of race. What is more biologically obvious than race? How can divisions arise as a result of a human feature so fundamentally biological? The answer to this question lies in realizing that the problem has never really been about giving an account of the biological features of life. It has been always been a problem about coming to terms with how we (are to) live.

Understanding life, as it comes from taking account of its features, helps us to know how to live. True. But knowing how to live doesn’t always depend on understanding life. Human beings flourished before deadly microscopic organisms were discovered, and even then it took a while before they let go of their old ways of living to accommodate this new understanding of life. “There is more to life than meets the eye, ” an old saying goes. And this saying is useful as it offers guidance for how we might live: that we make space for the things we understand and, perhaps more importantly, make space as well for the things we do not understand.

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In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need evidence pointing to the nature of our lives. We wouldn’t need to say, “I am gay because…” However, our present world is riddled with powerfully bad ideas. Discoveries made to give us a clearer picture of our world serve to better our experience in it. We can say with improved confidence, “All that they have been saying has been a lie.” And this can be refreshing. It only takes good ideas to combat bad ideas, the more we have the better. More so if it we get them from the tiny units that make up life.


I hope you are having a refreshing time. Do you have comments, questions, or suggestions? Please let me know in the reply area below.

You are Awesome.

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