Can (Homo)Sexuality and Faith Be Reconciled?

The answer is an emphatic yes and the reason it is simple.


To get in sync with the reason why homosexuality and faith are reconcilable we need an understanding of a concept called an Imagined Reality. This oxymoronic expression deserves attention because it offers route to how we might reshape the stories which inform the nature of our lives. Yuval Harari, who lives with his husband in Israel, explains in his phenomenal book, Sapiens: “An imagined reality is not a lie. I lie when I say that there is a lion near the river when I know perfectly well that there is no lion there. […] Unlike lying, an imagined reality is something that everyone believes in, and as long as this communal belief persists, the imagined reality exerts force in the world. […] Some sorcerers are charlatans, but most sincerely believe in the existence of gods and demons.

This insight is valuable because it gives us allowance to see the beliefs that string together to make up our faith for what they are: lines of ideas subject to the imagination.

This is where those with religious ties to their faith would rise up to say something like, the ways of God cannot be changed. But this is untrue, given how we tell ourselves stories about him. The thousands of Christian* denominations proves this; each with its own set of stories as to what God might be like and how he must be best served. To one group God comprises of three persons. To another group he exists as one person. To yet another group God loves meat. To a different group he won’t stand it if a creature of his does as much as touches meat. God may be an unchanging entity with unchanging ways but the way we circulate the stories we tell ourselves about him has been changing since he was first conceived.

This presents an opportunity. We get to tell our own stories about the nature of God.

A lot of the limitations we place on ourselves in efforts to make peace with our faiths are self-imposed. This isn’t to suggest that the forces that present limitations are non-existent. It is to suggest that when it comes to the contents of our minds we should place ourselves as the editors of what gets to help us to live. Stories we choose to tell ourselves can be a source of nourishment to important bits of our beings, our souls.

Imagined realities require communal agreement. Everyone has to believe in it. This means that choosing to believe in a set of stories when others do not makes it less of an imagined reality, more of a lie. Wrong. Everyone has to believe in imagined reality needn’t be confused with everyone in the world has to believe in it. Most times, all it takes to alter the minds of others is the imagination of a single person. The true challenge rests in our ability and willingness to string ideas together. One string may hold the nature of our sexuality and the other may hold the rest of our faith. What matters is how imaginative we are in the reconciliation of both. To knot them into a believable whole.

This may be as simple as adding a single line – my trait of homosexuality was designed by the perfect hand of God – to the string of beliefs that make up our faith.



You are Awesome!

*Let it be known other religious sects fall under this description. Christianity makes it here because it is where all my sensibilities as it concerns faith stems from.

With the link provided you can get Yuval’s exceptional book for FREE. Here is it again, in cased you missed it: Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind.

I am sharing this link because I believe every human hand should have a copy of Yuval’s book. Enjoy! I hope it brings you understanding.

Do you have comments, questions, or suggestions? Please let me know in the reply area below.


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