(Are You Going) To Be a Non-Practicing Homosexual?

A friend recently spoke to me about a concern from his experience as a gay person. In a nutshell, his trouble revolved around his efforts to quit homosexuality.


The concern highlights a misconception held by quite a number of gay people, I say this because I was also recently with a gathering of gay people where someone made a related comment that went something like this: “If I die now, I will definitely go to heaven. I haven’t been a gay for the past three months.”

I won’t bother untangling all the reasons humorless statements like this are cringe-worthy. If you’re interested, read a book written by John Corvino, titled What’s Wrong With Homosexuality? It’s the best book I’ve seen on the topic.

The point I want to make instead revolves around one word gay people love more than any other: Ignorance. In the brief time that I have been writing on the topic of homosexuality, one stand out feature I have observed has been the tendency for gay people to label those who lack understanding of their homosexual inclinations ignorant.

In the truest sense, it’s not so much that gay people who wield this word miss the mark. It’s that the tone with which we adopt, while placing us in the position of all-knowing, clouds those we deem ignorant as incorrigible. Our attempts to pick those who lack knowledge collapses into a habit of dismissing them as incapable of reform.

Statements like the one aforementioned demonstrate we as not as all-knowing as we like to think about the topic of homosexuality.

My suggestion is that we take the effort to know what it means to be homosexual. There is a difference between the quality of being homosexual and the activity of practicing homosexual acts, knowing where one lies can serve to deter us from embarking on errands that appeal only to fools.


You are Awesome.

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