Raising (Broken) Boys

It seems obvious, and it is worthy of restatement: boys are meant to be masculine and girls are meant to be feminine. This dichotomy has been with the human race since the earth began. We, as a culture, need men to be men. Its better that way. Society as a whole functions better when everyone knows their place. It begins with the awareness that femininity has no place in the disposition of (real) men.

This awareness demands feminine things found in boys be ripped out of them before they come of age in their journey to manhood: crying is forbidden; display of any emotions besides anger is an abomination; any affinity for the color pink must never be tolerated.

Of course when statistics of domestic violence, rape and inequality rise, we can point to the unkind tsunami of economic storms. The fact that our method for raising boys is flawed need never be raised. The broken state of men – their emotional ineptitude; their physical roughness; their inflated egos – is far from being the real cause of the problem. Its their ability to conjure intense anger and explode at the drop of a hat that will fix a world in dire need of fixing; we need to nurture our boys to master this ability.

Our blindness to the true strength that rests in the coexistence of what we perceive as dichotomies must be shunned. Its too difficult to see that the badassary Barack Obama embodied came from his masterful balance of tough and tender. And that the only reason everyone hates Trump is because he serves fury with the adeptness of a ‘real’ man. Empathy and accommodativeness are meant for sissies. Empathy and accommodativeness aren’t the skills that brought us from the ape-like selves we left in the Savannahs of Africa to become men approaching god-like status in our navigation of the modern world. We have to live the way our ancestors lived: brutish; blunt; barbaric.

We can allow boys be themselves but the danger is that they might end up like RuPaul: creative; relentless; and the truest definition of an alpha-male (all done in 6 inch heels). We can’t have that! Our boys will lose touch with their proper nature if we expose them to feminine things. They may start wearing heels. They may start applying make-up. And not least, they may start liking other boys.

Our place is to protect our boys. We must raise them to shun everything feminine, including tenderness, vulnerability and kindness. That helpful but ridiculous statement – that everyone deserves to be the truest version of themselves – must be thrown out the window. A broken boy, as long as he is masculine, is the best boy.


You are Awesome.

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