We Are Jealous of You (Straight People)

You can say we are jealous. You guys get to enjoy that wonderful thing called love in all its romantic and classical goodness.

Photo Source: toomanyhotguys.tumblr.com
Photo Source: too many hot guys.tumblr.com

You say we can have all the love we want, as long as it’s channelled to the right sort of people. But you have to understand that the group of people you point at never triggers love in us in all its romantic and classical goodness.

You have to admit there is a flaw in your logic: have all the love you want but have it only a certain way.

Okay, you never said ALL?

How can you deny someone of love?

You say it’s wrong. But you never give credible reasons for why it is wrong, except point to a powerful invisible being in the sky who mandated someone like you and I to do so.

Don’t you think it’s funny that logic and reason is in this context about love? You know love is crazy, right? You know it is devoid of logic and reason?

You have to forgive my “unreasonableness” on this issue, love makes it impossible to reason – or worse, apply logic.

You know why jealousy need not always seem like a bad emotion. It points to the fact that, in the eyes of another, you have something desirable. You can say it: they (gay people) are just jealous of us. You just have to promise that after you do you will leave us (with our love) in peace.

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