A Few Reasons to Embrace Your Femininity

If you are a man with a female flare chances are you’ve had people tell you to tone it down or to man up

Here are some reasons to ignore them and keep your fabulousity

1. It filters out the rubbish


Those that admire you will gravitate towards you leaving out those with frowns on their faces to remain at a distance asking questions like why this one dey behave like woman? that only God knows the answer to.

2. It’s more honest


Don’t deny it. When you don’t have to put up a false voice, walk with your legs wide apart with your ass swayless, and keep your shoulders stiff, life is a thousand times easier. You can laugh hard, play hard and enjoy hard. Most importantly, you can be true.

3. Life becomes what it should be: simple


No need to labour through all the lies you’ve told in search of new ones to cover your ass.

When someone asks do you have a girlfriend? You can say no (with a face that spells distaste). And when they ask why you can say what you’ve always wanted to say: my personal life is none of your fucking business. Or, if you are feeling a bit generous, tell em about the boy you fell in love with in J.S.S. 1, thinking you will live happily ever after. Only for you to dump the boy in J.S.S. 2 because you could no longer stand his childish ways. Trust me, with this story, do-you-have-a-girlfriend questions will plumet.

4. People love you more.


In my book nothing is more seductive than is a true person. But that’s just me. Ever knew a person who had a repute for being a liar? Count the number of friends he has. People like honesty. You just have to be smart about it. When you hit it right, you’ll be surprised by the love that’ll surround you.


Now it may not always be safe to be true but it’s important. If you are having a hard time deciding, imagine you were a woman with boobs and someone told you you needed to hide your boobs so as to appear normal. Ridiculous, yeah? Well as ridiculous as someone telling you to “tone down” whatever feminine attributes you have. You are fabulous. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

You are Awesome

Stay true


2 thoughts on “A Few Reasons to Embrace Your Femininity

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  1. I have been drinking from the cup of honesty and savouring it sweetness- taste simply great. Though it sucks a few times, for the most part, it actually rocks! My effeminacy has never been conspicuous (not ollavus know how to sway our hips and swing our wrists), I’ve come to embrace those who are. We can’t give what we don’t have on the inside to the outside. Love and acceptance of one’s self is key. Thanks for being a load of inspiration. Awesome you remain.


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