The Beauty of Time: A Remedy For Regrets

One of life’s deepest truths is that it keeps moving. When we look at human experiences we see an interesting feature: the ease in which we get caught up by the movement. It’s much like a reflection of what Epicurus, great Greek philosopher, described as people spoiling what they have by desiring what they do not have. At the root of this human feature is what I’ve come to call the desire to grow. 

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I’ve found myself, over the past weeks, caught up by the desire to grow. In a way Epicurus might call unwise because the desire highlights the need to move ahead yet blurs my awareness of the true desires that reside in my heart. Take the case of having a blog but wanting a bestselling book. At the core of my desire is authentic expression. Yet I entertain the blurriness that contorts the useful truth that a modest blog and a bestselling book serve the same purpose. The only consolation for my lack of wisdom is that i’m in my mid twenties and not having figured things out yet is taken with a lightness, with an understanding. The one that permits people to say you are still a child, you are still growing.

Granted. I am yet to be a (mature) adult. A mature adult has a way of keeping the idea of the fleeting nature of time alive. He has what some might call perspective. The ability to know what’s important and what falls short when his attention is turned to the issue of life. Life is short, he might say. Do what makes you happy. Do what will help you to live. Realize the fine line that separates living and being happy. Walk on that line.

Regret comes when we realize we are too far off the line. It might dawn from a sudden wake up call. The one that sings that we have been living without happiness, or vice versa (being happy without living). It recalls the choking feeling of the reality that has become our life: waking up next to the face of a person we deceived into matrimony, prancing on day-to-day to a job we know we are better off without, looking at our children and knowing they do not know half of who we are.

What’s fortunate is that there is a remedy. We can find it in one of the most indifferent anchors of life: time. Her indifference is magnificent in the way that it settles things, puts everything in it’s proper place. She glides along like she isn’t there but remains steadfast in her execution of progress. She is nature’s Chief whip. Regardless of the acts we put out (or the ones we do not), things will be. Though the former gets to distill what gets to be. So act. Do so under the guidance of time. The first step then the next is usually all it takes. Like seen in a clock. One tick and then the next.

I am saying this: stop getting caught up in what you wish your life could be and start celebrating what it is. Start with celebrating one thing in it. It could be the simple gift of breathing with ease. Or it could be the grand ability to create. Hold on to what you choose. Life is indeed short and our biological clocks know it. We need not allow our desire to grow stop us from growing. Live and contribute before time signals to you that the end is here.


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