Moment Obsession: Lemonade (Even Beyonce Isn’t Immune to The Ways of Men)

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Beyonce’s Lemonade (speculatively) revolves around her husband’s infidelity. I feel sad. I liked the idea of Beyonce’s perfect world: perfect job, perfect body, perfect husband. Never mind that I know the chorus that sings nothing is perfect. It’s a saying I need to be reminded of on a regular basis, because I like the idea of perfect. I am seduced by it.

In times when I think of my significant other I hear myself highlight desired features like: he must have a (perfect) job, he must have a (perfect) body; he must be a (perfect) boyfriend – where I am the only one he loves (and thinks about no one else).

It’s hard to imagine such a person exists. But it’s also exciting to dream. To exercise the part of the mind that is boundless. Though the helpful lesson from Beyonce’s Lemonade is to scratch out perfect from the dreaming process. To keep in mind that life is life and it cares little for the perfect images we stream in our heads.

What we need do is this: we must entertain life’s multifacetedness. To cope, we must quip ourselves with wisdom, needed to navigate its multiple faces. We must dismiss the construed idea of perfection, because it brings with it disappointment, heartache, and pain.


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2 thoughts on “Moment Obsession: Lemonade (Even Beyonce Isn’t Immune to The Ways of Men)

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  1. I think perfection is imperfect in itself though it’s always exciting to submerge oneself in waters of ‘disneycal’ fantasies, magic and dreams. Trickishly comforting. I also think its allowed. Dwelling in it isn’t!… Missed you


    1. I’ve missed you too. A number of project has had my attention and time. And this blog has suffered. I hope you have had better order with your projects Kamar?


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