Moment Obsession: SuperFruit

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I always get excited watching this duo on their YouTube channel SuperFruit. I am drawn to their positive bend, it’s contagious. After making it to what many would consider the pinnacle of a music career they exude an energy that sings that (despite challenges) anything is possible. 

They materialize their possibilities with an air of queer fabulousity. Even in the “gay heaven” that is modern day America, this is terrifying territory to trend while making it big from being nothing to becoming everything. I love them.

Nigeria may not be gay heaven but it’s helpful to carry a little plot of heaven wherever you go. Call it hope. It’s helpful to breath life into your plot of heaven using all the beauties you can pull inspiration. 

For me, at this moment in time, SuperFruit is breathing life into my little plot of heaven.


Moment Obsession

Moment Obsession covers interests, ideas, and people I am excited about. The excitement gets so wild that screaming and jumping in my room usually proves insufficient. I have get down here and share it!

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