The Beauty of Time: Anniversary

GlowRite is one today – I have been publishing my (gay) thoughts for one year. The experience has had its soars and lows. But in all have learnt a few things. So for this entry I will celebrate a few dark ideas that might inspire you to initiate the writing of a public diary.

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Write at your own time and at your own pace.

This is perhaps the darkest truth. I always feel a nudge to publish as quickly as possible. But after one year of publishing I can attest that entertaining such a feeling may not be the wisest.

I think the trouble comes from confusing publish as quickly as you can with publish as quickly as possible. There is a difference. The former takes your capacity and capability into consideration. The latter takes possibility without reality into consideration. When possibility meets reality there is so only much that you can stretch your capacity and capability. As tacky as that sounds it’s true. Giving of yourself is noble but giving of yourself in a way that preserves you is wise. Publish with wisdom.


Here is an interesting experiment: Boil a (super) saturated solution of table salt. Take the solution off the heat and pour it into an empty vessel. Allow the solution containing vessel to rest for a few days. Uncover your vessel after a few days and you will notice large crystals of table salt in contrast to the small particles you had used to make your solution. The phenomenon where small particles of certain kinds of matter in hot solution form large particle of same matter upon cooling is known as crystallization. While this example is crude and simplistic, it gives an idea to the happenings in the formation of crystals.

I like to think that the mind works in a similar fashion. Place small particles of ideas under the heat of focus and over a period of what we might call the cooling of the mind, insights spring up sometimes offering solutions to problems. You can call these insights crystals as they are pure version of thoughts that comes from a synthesis of ideas. Writing, for me, is the best way to crystalize thought. I know doing so has helped me crystalize the idea (or if you will) mission to live an authentic life. That for me as it is actualized is the greatest gift.

You don’t have to show your stuff to the Public

Though you might find it helpful to do so. There is something that happens when you feel another eye is going to see what you put out. It’s much like that feeling that makes you want to tidy your room when you are expecting an important guest. But I see little need in inviting the world into your home. So do your thing. Do whatever it takes that you think will help you do your thing.

If you replace “write” in all it’s many forms in this essay to any artistic venture – say singing, speaking, mountain climbing – you can also enjoy similar benefit. What is important is that you find a medium to express your – authentic – self.



You are Awesome

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