Are You an Abberation?

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Here is a useful idea to keep in mind as you navigate the world: there is no such thing as a normal person. Take the idea with the sense that there is no laid out astronomical law that defines how a man should be. Normal is what you say it is. Now, is what you are widely accepted? That is a different question. The one worth exploring. It points to the real problem: the thoughts of others.

What others think matters, no doubt. But should it be the definition that guides one’s life? It depends on the content of the thought. Take for instance the idea that the thoughts of others as it regards your life should not count. In that case jumping off a ten story building would be a fantastic idea since you would need to discount the idea that doing so could kill you – because the evidence came from others.

The good thing is the thoughts of others can be swayed. Humans have an uncanny attraction for truth and beauty though they exhibit peculiar ways of showing their attraction to it. An unfamiliar truth is met with rejection, regardless of however beautiful it may be. A familiar truth, however, is held onto and preserved for the generations that are to come.

So the bit of the puzzle to unravel is how do you get the unfamiliar truth that is you into the familiar that can be preserved for generations? By being you.

Socratic scholars points to “know yourself” as arguably the most important idea ever produced. It’s important because it is a prerequisite to an even more important idea: being yourself. The truth is that you ring with truth. You exude it. The subjugation brought upon you has you tamed in ways that blind you to the truth. It’s up to you to lift the veil brought upon you by corrupted ways thinking (from the external world).

Another useful idea to keep in mind is that the thoughts of others is what you make of it, in the sense that what you give attention to is what makes up the totality of your life. Concerning the thoughts of others I’m talking about the kinds of thought that come across in implicit terms. The kinds that require a certain kind of social decoding to ascertain. So again it comes back to you.

Now back to our question, are you an aberration?

Well, yes.

The problem comes from your thinking that you are the only one – the one fault that makes the world less than perfect. Where did you get that idea? Chances are you came into this world without it. Shake the proverbial shackles off the rims of your mind. Live your truth. Permit yourself to be yourself. It’s the best way to sway the thoughts of others. What they think matters, because along with you they make up the wider world. The world with all it’s (imperfect) perfection. A perfection incomplete without your unique aberration.


You are Awesome


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