The Beauty of Time: Evolution of Ideas

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All that we know now started out as an idea. Pick any one idea and you find a once-upon-a-time centerpiece of cognitive processing, the product of which led to an action and a chain effect of more actions. 

It’s a two way thing though.

Ideas produce acts and acts lead to new ideas. It’s much like when a goat eats grass from the earth and poops on the earth so the earth produces more grass (even though the goat has negligible care for what, how and why the earth carries out its cyclic process, all it wants is grass).

Put all the ideas-actions from the beginning of history together and you have present day earth. Ideas like love, song, and iPhone 6+, were once-upon-a-time non-existent. But today some of the ideas form the cornerstone of not just civilization but the belief system of people.

A system most often serves one function. Your digestive system is saddled with the function of converting large chucks of food into microscopic bits that can be taken in by your body. A system is always a collection of units that perform smaller specific functions that serve the overall system. Your small intestine absorbs nutrients from food. A system is compromised when even just one of its unit fails. When your stomach has a bug, say a virus, your digestive system does a terrible job of performing its function, as evidenced by the watery mess you make from both ends of the system before visiting your doctor to have him tell you it is “just food poisoning”.

The belief system of any one person is a complex thing. But for the purpose of simplicity let’s say it is responsible for one thing: the production of ideas. It could produce a simple idea such as to walk up to a cute boy to say hello and it could produce something grand such as a mesmerizing symphony capable of energizing the emotional charge of a crowd of millions. Either way it’s a powerful thing. To comb yours, much like you would comb ticks off your hair so as to rid it of those nasty bugs, may be the best idea you can entertain.

When you pick a subject matter like religion, culture, art, philosophy or science what you see is a web of ideas sewn together from the ages to teach, assist and guide mankind. The problem is it can be hard to see that the ideas that make up each web have origins. And that through the passage of time each idea has evolved (or devolved, as the case may be) into power structures that grip the belief system of most of us. It is therefore your duty as an inheritor of the webs of ideas to be aware that some of the ideas that make up each web came from or were tweaked by a few corrupted belief systems.

Because unlike our grass eating animal friend we posses the capability to figure out what, how, and why certain features surround our world. A good start can be to pick up an existing idea to study its evolution through time. It may help you resolve troubles such as whether or not you are an aberration floating in a tiny blue cosmic dot whose fate rests upon the evolution of ideas.


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