Moment Obsession: Yanis Marshall

Another word for cool need be Yanis Marshall. So you can be like: “oh my god, gurl, I just saw something that is so Yanis Marshall”. Or, it should be another word for hot, so you be like: “OMG! did you guys just see that Yanis Marshall guy in that Yanis Marshall car? He was so Yanis Marshall! As in YAaanis MaAarshall.” *SnAp!*

Who is Yanis Marshall you ask? Only the hottest dancer in the world! Dishing out dance moves in heels.

images (2)

I’ve been obsessed for the past year over his dancing genius. But don’t take my word for it. Click the links to my favorite videos of him dancing to music from the likes of Beyonce, Ciara, and Pink.

Freakum Dress

Bitch Better Have My Money

Break Free

Slut Like You

Beyonce Medley

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Or just dive into his YouTube channel and be blown away.


You are Awesome.


Remember to practice his moves. Such body movements can only make you powerful

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