What is Worst Than an Anti-Social Media Bill?

Anti-Social Media

Photo Source: thewillnigeria.com

Funny. Isn’t it? Straight Nigerians now have a taste of what it feels to have freedom threatened. It is unsurprising as well. Nigeria’s senate have a track record of raising irrelevant bills. Blind to its operative mode of government. Their defense is that the Anti-Social media bill is misunderstood. It is supposed to “hand down heavy sanctions for comments made on social media that are perceived to be false.” I’m left to wonder what their perception would be based upon and who would define truth or false.

If you are concerned about the passage of the Anti-Social media bill, I want to call your attention to another bill that functions much the same way as this ignoble Anti-Social bill. You guessed it. The Anti-Gay bill. The Anti-Gay bill is supposed to “hand down heavy sanctions for love made on Nigerian soil that are perceived to be immoral“. Their perception is based on a religious book that originated from Hebrew tribe and I’m yet to understand their definition of immoral.

Hope is that the current Nigerian President is a bit more savvy than it’s former and knows ridiculousness when he sees one. If not, straight people, you can start counting your doom. Join the Nigerian gay community. See that what could be worst than an Anti-Happy bill is an Anti-Friendly bill that crushes every chance at gayness – I mean happiness.



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