Why You Don’t Need Options

Sometimes it may be helpful to put up a show. To tell the people the stories they want to hear. Though it may require you clench your fist, sway your gait and mask your lisp. It comes from the idea that much of life isn’t just about you. Regardless of how much you would like it to be. So it’s best to do your best to make life easy for yourself and the rest of humanity.

A lot of advantages can come from having options. The advantages can win you privileges. A perfect mask can leave others blind to your sexuality. It’s left to you to do what is best. Though it may be helpful to draw lessons from those who thrive with little options.

It turns out what you need isn’t so much a host of options. If that’s what is needed, black people would remain unliberated, Jews would remain victimized, and women would remain inferior members of society. What you do need is a willingness to acknowledge what you know is true even though others fail to see it. Chances are if you acknowledge it deeply enough, others will catch on.

So first acknowledge the truth. Hold on to it. Tear down the deception that points to the options you have that can replace the truth. Then keep an account of others and what they make of the truth. Act in a way that celebrates the truth and acknowledges others. In time they’ll see that much of why you celebrate the truth has little to do with you but them and rest of humanity.

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