Why You Are Most Important

What the world knows and what we know as individuals are two different things. It’s wise to make the distinction. The nature of our lives depend on it. A thin line separates misery and well-being. These two things bleed into one another with ease.

If you are happy or sad ask why. Is it because of what the world thinks? Or, is it because of what you think? If you ask often enough, you’ll notice a lot of the misery that ail us comes from what the world thinks.

But that only begins the realization.

When we search deep enough, we see that the main cause is because we have neglected ourselves for too long.

Do away with the fetters of the mind. All they do is cloud it. The world can be a messy place. If you are interested in cleaning it up. You may find it helpful to begin from yourself. It starts with knowing what you think.

What do you think?

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