Moment Obsession: Tyler Oakley

Well, HELLO! Glowrite readers. Today I want talk to you about someone who has stolen my heart. Ok. First. Lemme give you a little background story.

You know those moments when you have work to do. But you are in your room and it’s 10:30 at night. You, somehow, manage to pull yourself to your table, turn on your computer and set to get to work by doing a Google search. Then a picture strikes you as interesting. And you say lemme just check it out.¬†Before you know what is happening you are promising yourself that the next YouTube video you watch will be the last one. And after what seems like a short while you reach for the time to read it and it says 5:37am.

Well that was my experience with Tyler Oakley:

images (3)
Photo Source:

He is hilarious, gay and awesome only begins to describe him. And I keep imagining the possibility of us laughing, getting along, and being friends.

I suggest you check him out. I’m not the only one obsessed with him.

He has 21 million YouTube subscribers.
Ricky Martin came out of the closet because of him.
He was on Ellen.
He has a Bestselling book called Binge.

images (4)
Photo Source:

Are you still reading this? Go check him out! You will love it.


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 Moment Obsession 

Moment Obsession covers interests, ideas, and people I am excited about. The excitement gets so wild that screaming and jumping in my room usually proves insufficient. I have get down here and share it!


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