The 3.2 Million Year Old Girl

Her name is Lucy. Discovered in Ethopia, she served a significant scientific purpose. She filled the missing link between chimpanzenes and humans. 

(Some) Christains reject the idea of evolution. At least the many who are uncurrent with the times. An African Catholic Bible I was gifted as child had chronological account of the history of man in the Universe in one of it’s appendices. It began with the Big Bang Theory and went through the Theory of Evolution. So I end up puzzled whenever I come across Christians who carry the archaic ideology that science and (Christian) religion have been, are, and will always be in conflict. They are blind to the big picture.

It can be unsettling to be told: your fore fathers were chimpanzees. Even with my scientific background, I find it humorous. I’m still recovering from feats of laughter from having written the first sentence of this paragraph. And as I ponder it, residues from mental connections shine a regular GlowRite episode and it’s link to Lucy.

Lucy was discovered 41 years ago. Yesterday, to mark this discovery, Google put up a doodle. A summary of the gist can be stated as this: 3.2 million years ago, humans walked this earth.

The man who lives up to the age of 100 is considered to have had a long life. But when placed along side the grand schemed of the nature of the universe, negligible seems to large to describe the significance of a lot of the concerns I trouble my mind with. Some considerations fall away posed against questions like this: will people still roam the earth, or another part in the universe, 3.2 million years from now?

This entry would have been better suited for the regular episode of GlowRite postings that celebrate time. However, when I ponder the age of Lucy, I am not struck by the beauty of time. Instead I am left with a humbling that echos a reminder of the need to stretch the confines that make up the boundaries of my mind.



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