That feeling that tells you to stop. Tells you that whatever good you do will never be good enough. Sometimes it’s useful. Most times it’s not. It had value to a hunter-gatherer of pre-historic time. Kept him alert, so he steered away from falling prey to hungry carnivores. Now, however, when our gathering and hunting is of a different sort, you may find it helpful to do away with fear. Conquer it.

Glowrite Fear Reaper
Photo Source: http://www.youtube.com

It’s easier said than done. The evidence fear presents often seem too convincing.

For starters, before you set out to conquer fear, shine your light of attention over the evidence it presents. Examine it. Keep in mind the importance of truth. Examine if your fear speaks truth. Chances are it will do the opposite. Speak lies. It can be tricky to know the difference. A simple way to bypass the trick is to do the opposite of what fear speaks. Then watch what happens.


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