The Myth of Jesus

Jesus is a guy I adore. How he got my mother singing his name, every morning, 2015 years after his death sweeps me of my feet. The passion in her voice sings a contagious commitment that could only come from a power of divine essence.

A popular idea about Jesus is he was first God before he became man. It is with this privilege of being a God that he was able to transcend the frailness of being human to reconcile with his true nature of being divine. But there is something dubious about this reasoning. Had Jesus not been a God, would he have been able to perform his presumed predestined task? If you contend no then there is nothing impressive about the miracles he performed. After all he was (or is) a God. We expect extraordinary things from God(s).

When you think of Jesus as a man first, his impressiveness becomes eminent. His charisma and passion for truth brought about his celebrated divinity.

When you look to other major religions you see men who didn’t start out as Gods but have a following that rivals that of Jesus. Think Buddha. Think Muhammed. Think Michael Jackson. So it could be that Jesus was first a man before he became a God.

The key ingredients to being Christ-like is a passion for truth and a style to tell it.


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