Moment Obsession: Don’t Sneak

A lump of anxiety usually hung over my chest whenever I walked into homosocial places such as boys hostels. It told me to hide. To conform. Blend in and behave like everyone else the best way I could. For a while, I tried to do as it said: I clenched my fist to hide the limp of my wrist. I talked low to obscure the lisp in my voice. I shouldered my gait to draw attention away from the swing of my hips. Yet someone always spotted the difference. (A difference that was, in my experience, only questioned. Never not tolerated.)

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Photo Source:

The clenching, talking, and shouldering felt wrong. (And to be sincere required to great a deal of effort). So I followed the easier (but scary) path of being my queer self and have never looked back ever since. That’s why my current obsession is this short clip.

It revolves around an advice of a father to his son. It’s message of authenticity is one that is at my core and the major reason I began GlowRite. An advice summarised in two words. It says: Don’t Sneak.

Watch the short magnificent animation by clicking here.


Moment Obsession 

Moment Obsession covers interests, ideas, and people I am excited about. The excitement gets so wild that screaming and jumping in my room usually proves insufficient. I have get down here and share it!

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