The Unyielding Youth

A poem by Marbod, Bishop of Reenes.

Horace composed an ode about a certain boy

Whose face was so lovely he could easily have been a girl,

Whose hair fell in waves against his ivory neck,

Whose forehead was white as snow and his eyes black as pitch,

Whose soft cheeks were full of delicious sweetness

When they bloomed in the brightness of a blush of beauty,

His nose was perfect, his lips flame red, lovely his teeth–

An exterior formed in measure to match his mind.

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Photo Source:

It turns out bishops of old saw nothing strange about same sex love. A great many celebrated it (as indicated by the above poem written in 1123 CE). It will do you well to quit being an electric bulb that collects dust. Only to be blackened into an unpleasant dimness. See yourself as the natural beauty that you are. Shake off the accumulated dust of opinions that threatens to dim your light. Let your love shine. Be you.

You are Awesome

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Photo Source:

Are you loving you?

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