A Sweet Cuddle

I knew I was in the right place. His right thigh was atop mine. Warmth danced underneath my skin. I felt my inner space. It was empty. Free. Flowing with just water. Warm. In darkness, my spirit hovered over the water. Knowing it was pure and safe. I lifted his hand from my side. I held it over my chest. I sunk deeper into his embrace as we laid together. My back met his chest. I felt the warm waters in my inner space dance. His heart beat was mellow. It steadied mine. It reminded me of home. Peace. My lips widened into a slight smile. I wondered if he was awake as well. If he felt all I felt. If he enjoyed all I enjoyed. I remembered our first kiss: How he pecked my lower lip. He had pulled away because I had trembled. Then kissed them again with a gentleness when he looked into my eyes to see I wanted him. I wanted to turn over to kiss him as we laid in a cuddle. I thought it best to lay still. Savor his presence before the cocks began to crow. His presence hovered with me over the waters. It watched me. It guided me. His breathing tried to seduce me to sleep. The perfect lullaby. I preferred to stay in his sweet cuddle.

A light came from a distance. I saw his figure come from it. His gait reminded me of love. The sweet feeling that made everything pleasant. He was smiling. He said he was glad to see me. He motioned to kiss my lips. I closed my eyes to feel him. I knew heaven. Voices sang a chorus. Angels blessed our union. I retrieved my lips. I held his hands around me. My back to his chest. A sweeping darkest brought me to the cuddle I savoured as I laid in bed with him. I was seeing things. His breathing returned. I knew the lullaby was perfect. An unresistable kind. I slept without falling asleep. Only his presense could do that. Sweep me off my feet. Images of our encounters flooded my mind. All of it showing how sweet he is. I felt fortunate. Someone else deserved this sweet cuddle.

It may end soon. The thought of it saddened me. I wanted to put the moment, the feelings, the pleasure, in a jar. Seal it away. Have access to it whenever I needed. The waters erupted. His presence left me. He laid behind me. Yet I felt alone. Worried I wouldn’t have the bliss of his cuddle forever. I felt a writh swell from within. It threatened to break me away from his cuddle. His sweet cuddle. I heard a cock crow. And for that moment, I was out of my head. His breathing returned. His heartbeat steadied mine and his right thigh laid over mine. I stayed with them. I made peace with them. The waters settled. My spirit hovered over it. His presence returned. I stayed with them all. Savoured them. Another cock crow cracked the silence. And, quicker than it came, the silence filled the void the crack left soon after the crow was gone. I knew nothing stayed forever. I had to sink myself into every moment. So I sank deeper into his embrace. I planted my posterior deeper into his groin. I relished everything I could from his sweet cuddle.

The End. 

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