Moment Obsession: Hello; Focus On Me

Hello Adele it's GlowRite

Hello from the other side. So I listened to a song by Adele. It said hello. It reminded me of you. And it made me cry. No. I’m not sad. I’m just in remisnience of what could have been. If only I had said hello. Perhaps you would have focused on me.

This brings me to another song. A song by Araina Grande. It said focus. To let them say what they say. I was scared. I must have thought about it a thousand times. To say hello. But I let what they might say get in the way.

It was hard to see me. To focus on him and realise he is better off with you.

Are you confused? Don’t be. We can find the light inside our universe. Now that we are young and free. Trust me. We running out of time. Say hello when it matters.

Ariana-Focus on GlowRite

Yeah. Focus on me. He knows how to get you to him.

You are Awesome.

Moment Obsession 

Moment Obsession covers interests, ideas, and people I am excited about. The excitement gets so wild that screaming and jumping in my room usually proves insufficient. I have get down here and share.


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