A friend of mine narrated how his grand mother reacted when she was first served a bowl of boiled spaghetti and tomato sauce.

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“She wouldn’t stop crying” he said, “about how her daughter-in-law served her (and her grand children) worms”. It took the intervention of her son (my friend’s father) to convince her that the served dish was not a heap of worms. She wouldn’t buy it though. Her son’s explanation only made her call it white worms from white man land.

It was the last time she was served spaghetti. She winced every time she encountered the delight of her grand children when they were served Indomie Noddles or spaghetti. I imagine she must have thought things along this line: how could they have been brain washed into enjoying white worms? They obviously lack sound judgement in knowing what’s best.

It’s worthy to note that she enjoyed semovita. In fact, It was the only “swallow” her aged body could process before she, sadly, passed away. When she was told that spaghetti and semovita are made from the same source (wheat flour). She didn’t buy it. It simply wasn’t possible.

You may have guessed where this is going. Concepts we find foreign are sometimes difficult to process. Whether it be spaghetti or it be homosexuality. The tendency is to reject it. To wince at others who are “enjoying” something that is an “obvious aberration”.

The End.

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