It’s in The Bible

The bible is a beautiful book. For me, what’s closer to the truth is some books in the bible are beautiful. I love all the gospels (John is my least favorite). Proverbs, Psalm, Ecclesiastes are sublime. Nuggets of wisdom and truth are scattered through the other books in the bible. Hidden within superstitious words used to promote what has been termed hate.

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A wise man once said reading a translated book is a waste of time, you will lose too much, learn the original language then read the book [in the original language].

It may be too late to wake my ancestors. To point them to the misinterpretations in the bible that resulted from movements in translations. To tell them that English lacked, and still lacks, the vocabulary to qualify certain concepts and feelings. But the misinterpretations has done it’s evil. No good will come from waking the dead. Even the bible tells of the essence of focusing on the living.

I live today surrounded by a kind of censorship. The bible is read to remind me of certain actions I must avoid. Those who wield it’s words the loudest are those who know little about what it says. Their premise it’s in the bible is what they spit as a justification for the evils I am made to endure. To simply follow their premise with why?; why is this in the bible? will burn their brains into omelet. So, they desist. No need to go through the painful trouble of thinking. It is in the bible.

While I would love to slap them all in the head. Call them hypocrites. And force them to open their minds. I’m seduced by the idea of living a simple authentic life. Jesus was notable for calling his contemporaries hypocrites. Ones that knew nothing of the things found in the scriptures they quoted. But, alas, Jesus was a brave man. The son of God.

I like to think I’m brave. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to walk up to the altar during mass, snatch the microphone from a preaching priest, or a singing cantor, and proclaim I am Gay! Then go ahead and call anyone who opposes me, or calls me an abomination, a hypocrite. These actions, of course, stay hidden within the corners of my skull. Along with my sexuality and images of things I could do with the hot priest. I head home feeling like a coward, unworthy of God’s love and continue to wish myself to be as wise and as brave as Jesus.

I’m drawn to the bible because it has some profound truths. To use it as a tool of oppression is evil. Evil at it’s peak. An evil that thrives on the petri dish of a mind who refuses to engage the truth. Immorality stems from such mind. Not in my action of kissing a man’s lips, holding his hand, or saying to him I love you. Trust me. I know. I am the truth. I am the way. I am the light. It’s in the bible.

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