Moment Obsession: Google

I fantasize about having dinner with Larry Page and Eric Schmidt to gain access into the workings of their minds. It’s because I am obsessed with their creation. Google. I’ve always been obsessed with Google (my appreciation for it’s search engine exploded into obsession when I handled the monster that was my University research project. What would I have done without Google? How would I have tamed that beast?). It’s mind boggling to observe how Google balances impressiveness with simplicity to tailor basic needs. A tailoring that has blessed the world in more ways than a human mind can fathom.

I’m reeling from excitement over Google’s Project Loon. It’s simplicity is refreshing. Nothing short of impressive. It’s been around for a while but it just came to my attention. In basic terms, Project Loon involves releasing large balloons into the air to provide better access to the internet. Watch a video here for more on this amazing project.

Photo Source:
Photo Source:

In my mind, more internet equals more access to information. More access to information equals more freedom. Freedom for everyone! Freedom breeds creativity and innovation. That gives way to progress. And I love progress.

Google has accomplished many impressive feats. Such as: driverless cars, gmail and it’s incredible search engine. Every now and then, everyone need say a thank you to the wonderful project leads and their team who anchor such mind expanding accompliments. I say my thank you whenever I think Google.

Photo Source:
Photo Source:

You are Awesome.

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Moment Obsession covers interests, ideas, and people I am excited about. The excitement gets so wild that screaming and jumping in my room usually proves insufficient. I have get down here and share it!

Also, our engineers looking for jobs, click this link to apply to the opening this Project Loon offers. Do and bring this wonderful creation to Nigeria’s stratosphere. So that MTN, Airtel and Glo will become kind with respect to their data plans.


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