Horns: The Devil Wants The Truth

Imagine a world where everyone laid out the contents of their mind. That’s what the movie Horns deals with in a humorous, slow-paced, fantasy-horror film. To take from a receptionist in the movie, if only people could just “show some fucking consideration and [live their truths]“, perhaps the world would be a better place.

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The world is the way it is. No amount of complaining is going to change a thing. It’s better to look to useful activities. Activities that can make the world a better place. You have to agree. It’s my job to make the world a better place. And it’s your job as well.

Horns portrays one moral lesson worth sharing. The lesson is the power that comes from clear observation. Observing things has a way of revealing what’s true. And finding out truths can be constructive in leading a life worth living. Our ability to observe and draw out truths depends almost in entirety on our ability to listen.

Listening is often seen as a passive activity. An activity engaged in by those who are weak and prone to inaction. However, those who truly listen can attest to the beauty inherent in the activity and the merits it brings.

We should listen. We should learn how to do it. Listening is different from hearing things. Just as observing is different from perceiving things. Listening is actively trying to understand the things we perceive. It’s beyond keeping quiet while someone speaks. It’s asking questions to gain clarification.

I’m guilty of being a non-listener. In fact, you can count me as the ring leader. Ready to dish out my mind to anyone who refuses to see things my way. Or, puff them an air of dismissal so that my silence can diffuse into their senses; they unworthy of my time and attention. In an argument when someone speaks, I am consumed by what my next responses should be rather than figuring out what is being said.

We do anything but face the truth. It’s brings too much discomfort. We do anything to hide the truth. It brings so much pleasure. We behave like devils. It’s the closest we can come to playing God. In the end, where the truth lies is all we need to see. It reveals all we need to know.

Since people are busy talking, it’s better to sit back, shut up and listen. That way we able to gain truths we may otherwise miss. This is of utmost important when dealing with people, conditions, and phenomena that tend to obscure the truth. We may not be as skilled in bringing forth the truth from people like the character figure in Horns. But we can listen. We can observe. We can piece together truths. Else we be the evils their lies portray.

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