You Perish for Lack of Knowledge

Today, let’s address those who think gay people see them as backward for not buying into the idea of not seeing that two people of same sex do fall in love, or say “my people perish for lack of knowledge” about same sex attractions. 

Well, first. Yes. We think you are backward, and I want to add, may as well perish for your own lack of knowledge. So, we, as gay people, are trying to help you. Just as you may be trying to help us.

We are in a better position to give you knowledge, since your way of life was forced down our throat through our childhoods. But then again, who am I to know what’s best? Who even picked me to be the gay voice? Chill out. I’m only saying writing my mind. I’m entitled to that, right? Thank you for thinking so.

Knowledge is hard to define. The bible speaks about it in glowing terms. King Solomon of Israel asked for it, along with wisdom and understanding, and he became the wealthiest man that ever existed. So, there must be some good in having knowledge.

Now, let’s say he (Solomon) asked for just knowledge, and God, being so generous, granted his request. How do you think things would have turned out? Perhaps, he would have lacked the sound judgement that comes from wisdom and the holistic intuition that comes from understanding. Who would ever know? Knowledge sha has its part to play.

I like to a imagine – some – straight people see people who have same sex attractions  the way one sees cockroaches. Something that just deeply irritates you but you don’t know why. And instincts tells you to squash it.

You can kill a cockroach but you can’t kill a man. So people make justifications for their disdain: “God said”, “it’s just not right”, “I believe it’s a choice”.

Well, God also said, in local speak, that you should have sense. People are not cockroaches that you can simply do away with. You have to get to know them to understand them so that you can become wise enough to see them (as they are, rather than what you want them to be).

“Sense” as it is said in Nigerian context only comes from wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Having all the knowledge in the world will still lead to your perishment if it lacks the company of wisdom and understanding. And, what exactly is knowledge sef? Where does it come from?

Knowledge is information you can do something with. It comes from your interaction with what you see (or perceive) from what is infront of your eyes (and other physical senses). These information synthesize to give you a sense of understanding which in turn balances the judgement of your wisdom.

Shying away from information makes people stupid. Lack of knowledge breeds studipity. So, it’s healthier, safer to welcome information, even though the information might be gay. It’s the only way you can build the database that will accord you understanding. Only then can you make sound judgement to move you forward to a place of wisdom to see how people truly perish for lack of knowledge.

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