An Interesting Question

An Interesting piece sufficed on Linda Ikeji this morning. Something even more interesting came attached with the piece in Miss Linda doing what knows how to do best. She asked a question I’ll paraphrase into this: What is the sexual orientation of a man who has carnal knowledge of a transsexual woman (a woman who was born a man)?

Man in question. Photo Source: Linda Ikeji
Man in question. Photo Source: Linda Ikeji

I find this question absolutely fascinating owing to the multiple dimensions that come into play when seeking to offer an answer: culture, biology, philosophy etc.

From biology, the answer, in regard to Linda’s case, may be obvious. The physiological changes that accompany human sexual transformation demand that certain chemicals (oestrogen, testosterone) be altered so that the transformee becomes essentially a woman – reeking chemical juice (pheromones) that plays on the sexual cues of – straight – men. Also, men are creatures with heavy dependence on visual cues for what looks attractive. So, he is straight.

But, when culture comes into the mix and the considerations of laid out societal doctrines gets thrown in, things gets complicated.

Premises like “once a man always a man” suffice. Calling on the philosophical genius of Parmenides on the permanence of things. And how the changes that may have occurred are irrelevant in relation to what was, how it affects what is and the effects of these on what will continue to be. But it’s surprising how many of these same people proclaim change as the only permanent thing.

In all, I’m left with a kind of ambivalence. One side supposes that labels should be left to scientists and those who know the difference between what is and what appears to be, concluding that the people who inspired Linda to ask such an intriguing question are part of the few billions who have chosen to “live their life” (forget not the vast diversity of humanity). The other part of me calls the man out as straight as there are no biological features (penile endowment or masculine pectoral embellishment) that would arouse the interest of a truly bisexual, bi-curious or gay man.

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  1. I love Linda Ikeji as well. I think the man is straight if he didn’t know but if he knew about it and wasn’t spooked. I have to question his sexual orientation or pin him down to “just curious” *shrugs and walks away *


    1. Let’s discuss this curiousity. Is he curious about the of being with a man. Or, curious about being with a transwoman?

      Would you say a transwoman is a man or a woman? How does a person who is curious about being with a man fulfill that curiousity by being with a transwoman?

      Im very interested in responses to these questions.


  2. I often find myself asking folks this same question. Secondly am also interested in knowing the attraction to a T. woman. The responses i have had or received from people are so enormous and enlightening. Personally this is one enigma that i cant define yet despite my digging and searching for logical explanation. I think i will just keep on searching for my truth on the issue.


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