Kisses In The Moonlight


The room was too dark. Peter tried to make out the white ceiling. He was unsure if he saw the ceiling or if his mind made one up. He felt choked by the darkness. A small orange light shone from a wall socket. It looked sharp and piercing but it did little in illuminating anything in the room. He laid still. He wished the unfamiliarity he felt would lift and he would fall asleep again.

The white noise from the fan seemed to be louder and the room seemed to be cooler. When he had first awoken, the ceiling fan had just began to rotate. He knew NEPA had brought light. The second time, Uche had stood up from the bed to switch on the air-conditioner. Now, he laid within a rather soft blanket wishing for the sun to arrive sooner. He reached for his BlackBerry and buttoned it. He read 2:37. He directed the screen away from his face and towards the room. He noticed Uche; his body still bare. He put his BlackBerry down, turned to lay on his left side and tried to will some sleep.

Peter sensed the cool of the room drop welcoming a relaxation that spread from his diaphram. He felt like he was being drawn from a dream and being pulled into one all at once. His lips pursed into a slight smile. He enjoyed the feeling. The warmth came from behind; a pressure over the right side of his rib cage that made him feel safe. The pressure extended to his upper thigh. His muscles felt more and more relaxed, and he curved himself more into a fetus hoping that the pleasure he felt would increase. The pressure became a feeling of being held and his sense of being asleep began to fade. He realised the pressure he felt came from Uche wrapping him in a cuddle. His heartbeat increased. He feared Uche would sense it and know he was awake.

“How come I don’t want him to know I am awake?” thought Peter. “Tell him to get off you”.

Peter motioned to straigten himself. He stopped. It felt as though Uche held him tighter but he was sure he imagined the feeling. He felt weak.

“I can’t believe you are enjoying this” thought Peter.

He opened his eyes. The room still had a filling darkness. He imagined being chest front in Uche’s arms. All that dark muscle wrapped over him in beautiful hug.

“But, what if Uche is not asleep” thought Peter.

He felt his heart beat faster again. He stretched himself. He feared Uche would let go. He stopped. Images of hugging Uche while they slept filled his mind. His heart beat grew faster. He took in a deep breath and turned to put his left arm over Uche.

Uche’s breath felt so peaceful, it poured over Peter’s forehead.

“I can’t believe you are enjoying this” thought Peter.

Peter felt Uche fall to lay on his back; Uche pulled him along. Peter thought he imagined it. He laid his head now on Uche’s chest wondering if he truly imagined it. He held on to Uche’s heartbeat, the warmth of his skin and the firmness of his embrace. He imagined what it would be like to kiss Uche.

“You can’t do that! I won’t let you” thought Peter.

He moved his left leg to place his thigh over Uche’s groin. It felt wonderful; being wrapped in Uche’s arms. Held so close.

“Kiss him!” thought Peter. “I’ll kill you! What if he is awake?”.

There was a weight on Peter’s thigh. Peter felt awoken anew; like being drawn from a momentary but deep sleep. It was Uche’s palm. It slid slowly from his knee to his left butt cheek. Holding on to it and pulling it closer until Peter’s thigh was upon a hardness. The motion stopped. Uche’s palm on Peter’s butt. Peter’s thigh on Uche’s hardness. Peter snuggled up closer and Uche held him tighter. Peter noticed a synchrony in their breathing. The air was still. Peter fought the urge to swallow. He had never been this close to anyone. He imagined his intimate moments different from this but he liked what he felt. A sensation from his left butt cheek signalled him that Uche’s palm was still over it. The motion had begun again. His boxer was half way down his left butt cheek and Uche’s palm caressed it. Slow, Smooth, Gentle.

“What is he doing?” thought Peter “What are YOU doing?!”

A thrust of Uche’s left arm and Peter found himself atop Uche. Uche’s legs spread apart, Peter lying atop his body. They laid still. Uche’s black spandex lowered; his hands sunk deep into Peter’s boxer. Each palm on each butt cheek. But, he didn’t move. None of them moved.

Sensations began to run through Peter from his ass. Uche’s hands caressed them. Squeezing after circular slides. Peter remained motionless. He tried not to moan. Uche rose to lay him on the bed. Peter laid on his back wondering what would happen next. He felt a peck on his lip.

“Yes!” thought Peter.

He felt it again. And again. Then on his neck and right nipple and back to his lips. Uche took Peter’s lips into his, kissing it. As he kissed him, he caressed Peter’s cock. He broke the kiss. Peter felt the most beautiful thing he ever felt over his cock. Warm, wet, moving in and out. He held his breath so as not to moan. It felt wonderful.

“I can’t believe you are enjoying this” said Peter.

A distant cock cracked several crows through the silence. It dawned on Peter that he said that out loud. He sat up. He pushed Uche away. He made for the door. Dawn had come and the darkness had thinned. He turned to look at Uche. He imagined what Uche’s face sunk in his palm meant. He walked through the door and shut it.

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