The Most Dangerous Proclivity For Game of Throne Lovers: Jon Snow Can’t Be Dead

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I told myself I would never watch another episode. How could Robb Stark be killed like that? His pregnant wife slaughtered like a meaningless cow as though she were a mere minor whose name we knew nothing of or cared about.

But, I watched – one more episode could do no harm. One more episode became two, two became this is the best show in the world, not watching is not an option! It had dragons, it had man-to-man action, it had Jon Snow.

Now, i am where i started. How could Jon Snow to be killed like that? My one true love on that damn show slaughtered like a meaningless pig as though my love for him did not somehow shield him from the wicked plot of the writer’s pen.

I’m heartbroken. I can’t take another blow like this. I fantasize about how it must be a joke, how he might come back to life by the stroke of magic Game of Thrones is famous for. I nurse my broken heart and pray a silent prayer for Jon Snow: may the feiry breath of Daenery’s dragon bring you to life.

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Do you want him back? Please respond in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Proclivity For Game of Throne Lovers: Jon Snow Can’t Be Dead

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  1. I feel for you. I, too, went through the same denial when Robb and Catelyn died. I held out hope that they somehow survived. And then the season 3 finale delivered the devastating truth: they were dead. The same thing happened with Jon Snow. Not only had I read the books and saw it coming, but there was plenty of foreshadowing this season. Still, I remained in denial. “They can’t kill him. How could they?” I said to myself, even when Jon Snow fell to the ground. I held out hope. I read numerous fan theories, posing solutions as to how he could come back. And I am still hoping. Because he’s got so much plot left. More importantly, I’m a believer in Jon Snow.

    Great post. I just wanted to echo the same feelings because I’m still reeling from the finale. Til next year!

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  2. I do believe he’ll come back, mainly because melesandra is in castle black and the Lord in light is famous for bringing people back from the dead in the books.


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