The Rising Fluidity of Gender: Bruce on the Cover of Vanity Fair as Caitlyn

I am still trying to wrap my mind around the idea of the woman on the most recent issue of Vatiny Fair. Even as a gay guy who acts like girl, it’s hard.

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This time last year, and every year before that, Caitlyn Jenner was a man. A man named Bruce. Today, Bruce has boob implants. The rest of us must, out of respect, call her a woman. (You see why I adore time?).

The fluidity with which gender roles now exist is something to behold. I see in it a great opportunity. An opportunity where authentic expression transcends necessity into a realm of warranted natural disposition.

I continue to wonder about what a world 100 years from now would look like. Perhaps using pronouns like ‘it’ to address people like Caitlyn would be the peak of disrespect even to someone who might not know her. Or, such transformations would take only minutes to materialize thanks to the role technology would play in feminization.

I have notice a question rise within me as a result of Bruce bringing this topic on transgender into mainstream attention: would I rather be a girl? I have been asked this question numerous times due to my female mannerism. As I consider it closer now, the answer remains I would rather be a man. I would rather be me.

Being a man, I think, is at the core of my identity. The reason I might consider to switch would be so that I can get attention from hot straight guys (which i think is every gay man’s dream). Or, so that my female mannerism can blend with people’s perception of the body I carry. These two reasons stem from outside influences which is a terrible yardstick to use to come to a conclusion on deep personal matters.

I am now aware of a distinction that lies between gender and sexuality; they both exist independent of each other. If I identify as a man who feels sexually attracted to men, I am gay. If I identify as woman encapsulated in a man’s body – I am transgender. Quite interesting.

I wrote in a recent article that you only think you have all the problems in the world when you do not stop to consider that others carry their share as well. Be kind.

You are Awesome.

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