Kisses In The Moonlight

Modupe had never seen it so big; she stared in disbelief. As she stroke it with her thumb and index finger, It pulled away from her in rigid defiance. She stood and made for the door; she would not let such a thing enter into her. She reached for the door knob and turned back to look at it. There was something attractive about it. Uche didn’t seem to mind that she had walked away. She sensed pride in his demeanor. Pride that celebrated what he carried.  He laid on his back, his caramel skin glowing, his eyes narrowed at her as though expecting her to hurry back to what she knew she wanted.

She stared away from his eyes. The incandescent bulb seemed to shine brighter than it did when she first walked in: the room smelt of Lavender, like the kind she hung in her bathroom. She began smiling when it reminded her of Mama Nkechi who sold merchandise in a small store just opposite the gate of her house. Mama Nkechi called it ambee-pour. Modupe always laughed about it and would ask: “mama Nkechi!  what are you always pouring?! It’s ambi-purr”. She would hand a laughing Mama Nkechi 120 naira and laugh until she got back to her house. When Uche asked her why she was smiling, she told him she thought he had a nice room. He smiled back at her, reached for her left breast and motioned to kiss her but she turned away screaming about a teddy bear she noticed on his bed.

“Oh my God! It’s so cute!” She said. Stressing the last word of each sentence. Making God sound like GAaaaahhhD and cute like kioooot.

She grabbed the teddy, hugging it and loving the feel of its softness against her. When she turned to ask Uche where he had bought it and why he even owned one, he was already stripped down to his boxers. His smile coy. Flexing his chest muscle as he walked towards her on the bed.

“Why are men like this?” She thought to herself.

But there was something about his moving chest that heated her solar plexus. He crawled to her, kissing her lips and throwing the bear to the ground. She enjoyed it. She liked that he was smooth. But she hated that he assumed that she had come to be laid. She placed her hand on his chest to push him away. The warmth and the firmness of it made her stop. She slid her palm down his abs to his boxer. He broke the kiss.

“Oh, you want it already?” asked Uche.

He laid on his back and pushed down the boxer. That’s when she saw it.

Now, she stood at the door wishing he would stop looking at her the way he did. She opened the door and left.

It made sense to Uche that she would leave.  It wasn’t the first time his manly possession had driven someone away.  He grabbed his phone. He buttoned it to dial ‘P – love’. He placed the phone over his ear until the bum-bum sound stopped and he heard a hello?

“Hello Peter” said Uche. “Do think you can come over? There is something I want to show you”

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  1. Oh my effing days… Im almost turned on… Buh peter would have to be like a well unless its for just fellating Uche… (I wish uche were real tho, u think u can hook me up?)

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