It’s In The Way He Looks

Sometimes, I feel I carry all the problems in the world. Other times, I feel them shrink in comparison with the problem of others.

In an awesome movie I watched yesterday, the main character wasn’t only blind, he was gay as well. As tears welled up in my eyes, in scences that were too moving, I refused to let them fall (I’m too manly for that). But, they fell. Well.

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If you have been following my blog posts, it should not come as news that I am a sucker for love. When it comes to love stories, especially those rendered with so much depth and simplicity, it becomes easy for me to talk about them.

I love that this movie filtered the persumable problems that come with being gay and focused on a blind kid who experiences pure love for the first time. The person he falls in love with is a man who requits his love.

What’s more romantic than requited first love?

I’m still awestruck by this movie. After I publish this post, I’m going back to watch it a second time. Be sure to check it out.

My take away from the movie is it’s not fair – to others and myself – to count my problems, I have to keep in mind that others carry similar burdens. If I can’t ease their suffering, I might as well just leave them to carry their loads in peace.

Enjoy my Blog.

Addendum: Read all the recognitionThe Way He Looks” has garnered since it was released last year. Including a possible win for this year’s Oscar Awards (the most coveted price of them all).

Also, if as a gay guy you worry about being attracted to men, because everyone around you (who, I must add, are not gay) say it’s a choice you made. Ask yourself what parameter blind gay people use to turn out gay.

You are Awesome.

Have you seen this movie? Or, you have thoughts on what it means to be gay and blind. Please, share in the comments.

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      1. Well understood…All I hoped for was a downloadable link or I provide you with an email so you can send as wetransfer in mp4 … not meeting you in person. But all good. Cheers


  1. Wow!!! what’s the title of this movie? I need to see it. I never imagined the possibilities of a blind guy being gay.


    1. The title is “the way he looks”. Underlined sentences on this post such as “awesome movie” are links that can take you to where you can get the movie. It’s great.


  2. Coincidentally, I also watched that film over the weekend and it was everything I hoped, and a bit more. It was a fresh angle on a timeless high school romance.

    There are excellent queer love stories coming from the Americas (and I’m not counting North America here) – have you seen “Plan B” or “Undertow” (though that one is tragic and I try to stay away from the sad ones).

    Another foreign gem, that is also one of my all time favourites – “The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros” from the Philippines?

    Then again, North America can produce very moving and quality, alternative stories like “Big Eden”.

    Anyway, this is one of my favourite topics so let me stop here before I clog up your feed.


  3. I love love stories too! I just watched The Skinny with Jussie Smollett this morning and I’m still buzzing. Love that it was a story about love for the black community from the black community. I could finally see myself on screen, even though it was only one lesbian story line. Oh well, baby steps


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