Current Obession: Todrick Hall

98%* of gay men in the world adore Beyonce. I happen to be in this enchanted 98%

If you happen to love her (whether you are gay or not), you’ll love what comes next even more.

Todrick Hall made a medley of Beyonce songs from her 5 albums in 4 minutes! Four!!! Minutes!!!

To think the medley-mash-up is to die for. You all have to watch it!!!

Sadly, I can’t upload videos here. So, you are gonna have to click this link and watch it on YouTube.


Enjoy my Blog.

You are as Awesome as Todrick. (Awesomer sef! *wink*)

5 thoughts on “Current Obession: Todrick Hall

Add yours

  1. I think i’m among those 2% who doesn’t like her, it’s not just Beyonce, foreign music does nothing to me, find me some TY bello, I guess i’ll just pass on this one.


  2. I’m always on this blog…yes I am…nd each time I read ur posts I feel u re a voice in me helping me express myself,I ve lived in fear and always try to prove otherwise,I try to identify as a straight guy but deep down I know am only decieving myself…lemme tell u how amazing I find dis blog,,I find solace here…big hugs nd kiss boo


    1. Hi Prudy, your words mean so much. Thanks for putting them down.

      I hope you find it in your heart to accept yourself. Its difficult, but it’s worth the try.

      You are awesome.


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