April 1st; The Only Day I Can Be Straight

Today, I’m straight; a heterosexual man who loves big bouncing boobs, a creamy cunt and a lady’s wide ass. The only day I can fool myself.

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As a straight guy, body no be firewood will be my mantra. I’ll take on the pleasures of this world, wear my crown of societal self-righteousness, and dictate what should be and what shouldn’t be.

I’ll get jerks of support from other guys for sleeping multiple times with my girlfriend, her friends and other girls she might not know. Because, the words fornication and adultery would be stricken off my dictionary.

I’ll tell the world gay guys are confused; they should not be allowed to exist. If they must, they should do so in the shadows where I won’t have to stand the irritation of their existence.

I’ll voice out support for egalitarianism and still be allowed to hone offense when someone other than my sex is more powerful than I am.

I’ll be insensitive to the needs of others, and it will be okay, because my needs will always have to come first.

I’ll introduce my girlfriend to strangers and ask her to marry me in the midst of their cheers and support.

Most of all, I’ll be who I am and no one will question that I am who I am.

Happy Fool’s Day.

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You Are Awesome.

6 thoughts on “April 1st; The Only Day I Can Be Straight

Add yours

    1. Ooh LaLa. It’s a fool’s errand to fool one’s self, life is much easier being honest (you just run the risk being alone).

      Also, i think its unwise to think that all straight guys enjoy the luxuries i listed. Most are more insecure than we imagine – carrying “responsibilities” that must be handled.

      Every person need concern him/herself with making life easier for the next person. Put another way; be kind.

      Have a wonderful month as well. Be Awesome.


  1. hi, dis is my first time of commenting on ur blog, though I read it often. happy belated fools day. I don’t understand gays, probably never will but reading ur blog made me realize we are humans nt to be discriminated. so thank you for sharing ur life, though anonymously. that part I understand. I love d way u write& I hope one day we will get to meet. u are truly awesome


  2. Just so u know… i was born on april fools day, u gotta respect my birthday as i respect your sexuality. *eyesrolling* KIDDING oo… I love how u wrote in complete sarcasm, interesting read.


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