Dearest Reader; Thank YOU!

You are Awesome!

I began this blog one month ago. Since then, it has been followed by 16 awesome people, liked by 27 awesome people and has 146 comments (Minus the trashed ones). Also, it got 8,202+ views.

Photo Source:
Photo Source:

I am very grateful for this outcome. I thank every person that has lent a word to express individual opinions.

I’ve had my most favorite comment, and the most revolting one. The funniest commenter; the most active; the most supportive. And, I was accused of being one famous media person. #quiteFlattering.

This blog has become such a labour of love, and I love it so much right now. I feel blessed to be able to share.

A few people indicated interest in sending entries. So, here you are:

-Rite 2 Glow by clicking here.

(I’ll do my best to share your entries, but I’ll only pick and publish the best seven per month -seven is my lucky number)

It’s such a joy to do this. #AuthenticExpression. It’s only going to get better.

Enjoy my Blog.

I Love You.

You are awesome.

4 thoughts on “Dearest Reader; Thank YOU!

Add yours

  1. Wow, i’ve missed this place, u didn’t post for a long time and it saddened me, glad u’re back and pls keep up d good work…wish I could write, maybe i’ll try.

    You are awesome!


    1. Really dont want to give an excuse. So, i’ll say i’m sorry. Iv bn lazy. Im not a full time “writer”, and there are other engagements that demand my time. Il do better in planning and giving off better output.

      Stay tuned.


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