Nigeria is a Safe Place to Be Fabulous: Wizkid and Olamide

Nigeria Is a Safe Place to Be Fabulous is an occasional feature that profiles “fabulous”  people doing awesome things. These people either identify as gay, have voiced out support for gay equality or/and have features that point at gay even though they do not identify with it. 


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Photo Source:

Sometime ago, I came across this picture on Bella Naija. It seemed too cute to ignore.

The picture points to something I have long suspected to be true:  Nigeria is a Safe Place to Be Fabulous.

I tell this to my gay friends who live in fear of showing affection to other men in public.

Public show of affection among same sex people is something I have always noticed in our culture. Leave people with ample time in their hands to gossip.

It’s important that you rid yourself of self-imposed judgement based on the assumption of others. Show love. Feel love. Be love.

DISCLAIMER: I’m told Wizkid and Olamide are pussy lovers – although, what they do behind closed doors is none of my business. Going about discussing their “new” sexual preference is your business. You did not hear about it from here.

Enjoy my Blog.

Wizkid and Olamide are Awesome, and so are You.

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  1. I was looking for a way to send a private message but I don’t think WordPress has that option so I’ll just post a comment. I love your writing; it’s concise, has a lyrical quality even though you aren’t big on imagery and it’s a joy to read. Since this post isn’t private, I won’t say much. I’m a 100 level student and I’m 18 years old, I’m thin (spectral thin actually) and I love writing and literature. If I had my way when I was 15 I would have run away to new York to live in a beat up SoHo apartment and write all day. I just had a marathon read of your posts and some posts made me laugh, some posts made me cry and some posts brought that sardonic smile to my lips that only comes when I read my favourite erotica (as the author I’ll let you guess which posts caused which reaction) . So many things I want to say but I can’t. All I will say is that many people don’t know the impact of what they post on other people and I want to say thank you for making this blog. I might never post on this blog again and even if I do you won’t know it’s me, I might never speak to you but always know that there are a lot of little boys like me reading every word you write and drawing from them a strength you will never fathom. Have and amazing life and goodbye.


    1. Was not sure whether to approve this comment – your words are too special too share with anyone.

      Just felt the need to respond. And, responding requires that i approve the comment.

      I’m finding it difficult to put down in words what your words have made me feel. I’ll let thank you suffice, and you are truly awesome.


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