At last. He Comes Out

It’s hard to believe that people are asking: Is Denrele really Gay?

If you are still asking, read this.

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Photo Source:

I admire Denrele. (Not in an I-wish-I-were-you kinda way). Its more like a sympasized affection toward someone who suffers (on a grand scale) what I suffer.

The affection remained stiff due to his constant denial of what was stamped on his forehead. Though, I reasoned that I might have denied it as well if were in his crazy shoes.

I dismissed him as a topic whenever his name came up amongst my friends. They knew him well. But, his personal life was/is none of my business.

His topic seemed to be more heated amongst those who didn’t know him at all. Again, his personal life was none of my business.

Well, its past 4am now. I need to get some sleep. I’m just glad he has owned himself enough to come out about his sexuality (in an open-ended way. But, good enough).

It’s brave, it will cause quite the reaction. But, its a timeless choice that has already gone down in Nigeria’s history.

Thank You Denrele

You are Awesome.

Enjoy my Blog

2 thoughts on “At last. He Comes Out

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  1. You know….whenever people start making a fuss about how someone is gay and the other is not….my reply is always ‘e consign you?!?!’

    Because truly, I do not think its anybody’s business. You should be more concerned about things that affect your own life.

    Shout out to those that carry other people’s matters on their head. #teampepperbody


    1. “some” of these ppl usually mean well.

      They just go about doing the “right” things in the wrong ways. You know, trying to fit someone else’s life into their own preference and perception of reality. Any perception outside theirs is seen as distorted.

      They find good in showing you the right way. Which i think would have been fabulous if and only if they had all the information that ever existed and will ever exist.

      Sadly, they don’t.

      Their definition of right and wrong should always be subject to change based on the new information presented. However, most of them are just allergic to new information.


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