What Shall It Profit A Man?

Growing up, I was accustomed to hearing: “What shall it profit a man?”. It was always followed with: “to gain the whole world and loose his soul”.

Photo Source: majorleaguedating.com
Photo Source: majorleaguedating.com

All my young mind could muster was that I needed to do everything possible to keep my soul, and stay away from hell fire.

Now, I am grown. I scuff at the idea. Not because I think hell fire is overated, but because I’ve change that -stupid- question.

I ask:

What shall it profit a man to lose the whole world and gain his soul?

Still a stupid question. But, the change is perspective is more than worth it.

When you feel your soul eaten away by ridicule, shame, and fear. You begin to imagine that hell fire might not be such a bad place. Your world has become just what you feared the most -hell. And, one day you wake up and realise that the soul you’ve been trying to protect is gone.

Losing the world – Its rules, its codes and its norms – is an indispensible philosophy. You need to find yourself and have yourself to enjoy the world.

Losing the world doesn’t imply you reject it; It simply means you know what to dismiss and what to hold on to.

Enjoy my blog.

You are awesome.

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