What Your -not so nice- Comments Mean To Me

In response to one of my recent post, a commenter wrote:

This is totally disgusting! are u saying that the God who created u made u gay from the womb? Blasphemy at its peak. When u get to hell, u’ll see how nice a place it really is. you need to be delivered man. like for real!

How he came about such conclusion is beyond me. Go ahead and read the post here.

Whenever I see comments like this, I remember Jesus Christ – because its the first phrase I exclaim at the shock of how some people reason (in 2015!!!). 

Then, I remember. On Jesus’s last day on earth, people threw stones at him; accused him of blasphemy, and gave their judgement of how he would and should burn in hell for His crime.

When I that comes to mind, I feel christ-like. (To think that children of those people literally bow down to worship him today is simply funny and a bit perplexing).

If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, what do you think the road to heaven is paved with?

I am not Christ. I am just a 23 year old gay Nigerian doing my best to follow him.

This blog is directed at straight people, it is for people who utilize their capability to engage in critical and accurate thinking. So, for the comfort of my readers and I, I will only allow the approval of thoughtful comments on my blog. Thoughtless comments are unsightly.

Enjoy my Blog.


P.S. This blog is about helping “me” understand my sexuality. We tend to reject what we don’t understand and i am no different. its not meant for you to accept/agree-with it but to see the understanding i have gathered.

5 thoughts on “What Your -not so nice- Comments Mean To Me

Add yours

  1. Hmmm
    ” I am not Christ. I am just a 23 year old
    gay Nigerian doing my best to follow
    over the years, I’ve come to understand that following Christ is not a walk in the park. Following Christ is a lot of sacrifice, dying to self and carrying your cross daily (is a response Christ gave to a man that said He would follow Him).
    Christ left His abode just for us (sure you’ve heard it over and over again, what does it matter? ) He was led as a sheep to be slaughter yet He openeth not His mouth hmmm so great a sacrifice.
    to think He wants to die…He begged His father that the cup may pass over Him…He turned His face away from Him. At that time the sins of the world was upon Him and His father who is too righteous to behold iniquity turned His face away.
    How I love you (anonymous) for your sincerity, how I love how well you struggle for the love of Christ but by strength shall no man prevail,

    I’m sending this personally to you. what does it matter if you choose not to post it. It’s indeed a good night message to an unknown friend.
    I’ve been reading your post for some time and I chose to comment tonight.

    For the love of Christ.


  2. #word

    U didn’t add “you are awesome” ni???
    Don’t let some ignorant person make u forget ur manners o, lol.
    Keep up d good work.

    You are awesome!


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