How To Know a Gay Man? Its Written In His Hands.

I often wish gay men had “gay” stamped on their foreheads.

That way, it would be easier to tell a gay guy and a straight guy apart; much like you can tell apart a black man from a white man and a woman from a man. All the need to hide or explain things would not be necessary.

It turns out wishes come true, and there are biological features that hint at the sexual orientation of a man – to think I have been using it to eat eba and egusi soup all this while.

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Photo Source:

A study suggests – with convincing evidence – that the length ratio of your index finger (2D) and your ring finger (4D) in your right hand is an indicator of your sexual orientation.

If the ratio (2D/4D) is large, i.e., your index finger is longer than your ring finger or about the same size, you might prefer kissing Tunde to smooching Folake.

If the ratio is small, i.e., your index finger is shorter than your ring finger, giving Bola a cuninlingus might sound like a great idea.

It turns out, the length your index finger and ring finger is dependent on the environmental conditions you experienced in the womb. A high level of testosterone in the womb resulted in longer ring fingers – the likelihood of being straight would be high. And, a low level of testosterone resulted in longer index finger – the likelihood of being gay would be high.

So, you see, we were born fabulous.

High Five!!!

Science people. Read this and let us know what you think in the comments.

You are awesome.

Enjoy my blog.

DISCLAIMER: The study is saying that it has found that finger length CAN be related to sexual orientation (because of hormone levels in the womb and how they trigger finger development). It is NOT saying that this is the ONLY thing that determines finger length. Therefore, simply because this finger length theory may show that homosexual males tend to have longer index fingers, it does NOT indicate that ALL men with long index fingers are gay.

8 thoughts on “How To Know a Gay Man? Its Written In His Hands.

Add yours

    1. Mine r roughly d same length, but the index fingers (left and right) are both slightly longer dn dr ring counterparts.

      Im so gAy.

      And, you are awesome.

      Thanks for sharing.


  1. My index fingers are shorter than my ring fingers, now I don’t knw what to make of that…I guess i’m part of the not so obvious ones.

    You are awesome!


    1. u have a masculine disposition. Right?

      The finger feature is just a hint. The best way to know a gay guy is still to simply ask. (even this one fails a times since ppl are likely to lie or don’t understand)

      Thanks for sharing.


  2. This is totally disgusting! are u saying that the God who created u made u gay from the womb? Blasphemy at its peak. When u get to hell, u’ll see how nice a place it really is. you need to be delivered man. like for real!


    1. You are disgusted? Disgusting?

      What do u hope to gain from putting words on my page that were never written?

      One of the crimes Jesus was accused of upon his death was – you guessed it – Blasphemy!

      Where is he today? You guessed it again (how smart of you). At the right hand of God.

      I am in no way comparing myself to Jesus. I just do my best to follow the foot prints He left behind.

      If you are the Christian you purport yourself to be, i suggest you do same.


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