He Would Rather Bleed To Death

My friend called me to tell me he was bleeding from his anus.

I remember when I first saw a blood stain on a tissue paper I had used to wipe my butt. The bright red stain smeared with the shit on the white tissue signalled to me that this was a very wrong combination.

My friend said his bleeding was profuse. He was scared that all his days of fucking men had caught up with him.

Since I hadn’t sexed any man, I felt his fears were unwarranted. Or, at best, misplaced.

I noticed it happened to me whenever I ate foods seasoned with white pepper. My fear for what the blood-shit-smeared-on-tissue meant led me to do – extensive – research on the issue. It turned out, being sexed by men had nothing to do with it.

We joked about how he had officially turned into a woman and needed a sanitary pad. But, it was a serious matter. He had woken up to see his bed sheet stained with blood. There was no pain, just a large irregular circle of blood stained on his bed and his boxer.

His mother had walked into his room. He had died. He didn’t understand how he was still standing. She mumbled something. But, he couldn’t get himself to respond. He was looking at her. The top of his head felt tingly, faint and empty. It seemed she didn’t notice. Her eyes had gone straight to his wardrobe where she had pulled something and was out faster than she came. The tingly feeling in his head died down and his heart beat returned to normal. He collapsed on his bed, heaving the air that had returned to the room. It occurred to him to change the sheets. Wash it. If needed, burn it.

“You know you have to see a doctor, right?” I said.

“Are you crazy?” He yelled. “I would rather die.”

“That would be nice. I’m sure your mother would be more than happy to bury you.”

“Look.” He said. “Your sarcasm is not what i need now. I need advice on how to treat this.”

They had a family doctor, and there was no way in hell, heaven or earth he was going to tell “that man” about his bleeding ass – his mother would, then, find out and his life would be over.

“Then, see another doctor” I said.


“Ok, oh. Stay there and let your blood drain and finish from your butt” I said. “I’m sure that your house girl will find joy in mopping it off your room floor”

“Oh God, you don’t understand! What will the doctor think of me? How will i even tell him what I have been doing?”

It was clear he didn’t want to be judged. He failed to see that, now, he only judged himself and feared the world would do so as well.

We agreed to meet a doctor. I would go with him.

He came out of the doctor’s office smiling.

“He didn’t even ask me about all does things sef.” he said. “He only recommended these drugs, said i should increase my intake of water and i should increase the amount of fibre in my meals”

The End

Enjoy my blog.

You are awesome.

8 thoughts on “He Would Rather Bleed To Death

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  1. I’m glad he’s ok. People should not hesitate to go see a doctor when something is wrong with their body. Even if u have to go to the next town so you won’t be recognized, just do it for your safety.


  2. Loool…….your sarcasm tho. This post got me thinking. First about “Chika” who thought having HIV was a lesser evil compared to coming out to his family…now this friend, who thinks bleeding to death would be better than being found out. *wondering*


    1. These situations are a bit fanciful compared to what ppl actually go thru to hide their identity as gay. The stigma is ridiculous.

      All our culture is doing is leading millions of ppl to live dishonest lives.


  3. I read you on Bella naija this morning and decided to visit your blog. I have to say that I’m impressed. However, no doctor should refuse anyone medical treatment on basis of their sexuality. More so, if you live in Nigeria, there are SAFE gay friendly clinics around Lagos. Surprised, right? Yes they do exist. So you and your friends don’t have to worry about discrimination at the clinic. You can contact me through my email. I’ll be glad to refer you to any of those medical facilities if you’re willing to use them. Cheers!


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